Space Camp Turkey

  A Motivational Letter For Space Camp Turkey

Now I honestly feel very bad when admitting that astronomy didn’t interest when growing up. Well that’s not all true. When I was very-very  young and small, I remember myself asking my mother for answers. Answers about our universe. Questions that are still just a question to the world. But sadly as a I grew older the urge in knowing all the answers in me faded. Until the beginning of this year. When I founded myself fascinated with Physics and Astronomy. I can assure you it’s never late to find new interests, to find new ways. And my new way is Izmir’s space camp. Where I am hoping to  learn a lot, have new experiences, and probably have the best time of 15 years of my life. I know my expectations are very high, but I mean this is a Space Camp, how can my expectations not be high. This opportunity is filled with countless goods. For me I am mostly looking forward to the learning, Secondly it’s the cultural difference between me and the friends I am hoping to make. Understanding and learning about someone’s culture is like an endless journey, you never stop finding new and interesting things about one and the other. The training and learning about the technologies, developing team work and leadership are the best way for us young people to get into science and astronomy. So as you can understand Izmir’s space camp is a very big deal to me, and I would like to participate in it. 

Our future (with or without wars)

There is always this “rumor” that in the future, there wont be wars, there wont be any hate. The earth will live in peace, and the people will love each other. But I mean hasn’t History taught us anything. We have been living on this planet for 2 millions years(maybe less, maybe more) and we still live in a world where we like to imagine the future our savior, our hope. What will take to understand that without changing the present, we wont change the future. Our every move, our actions is going to affect our future. The future doesn’t control us, we control our future. However we all sit around think about the greatness of the Future. So I don’t like to talk about the future, I like to think about the consequences of my actions, not the other way around. Because our actions decides the future, not the future decides our actions.

Astronauts, and their almost unbelievable lives

I believe as we get older , our questions in life pretty much leads to this question  (What job do I want to doooo?) And let me tell you it is very annoying to find a Passion. It’s a cool word isn’t it. Passion, it’s that map leading to your treasure, right! Except that the map is very hard to find. It’s almost exhausting  trying to find something that you will enjoy doing. Something that gives you fulfillment, satisfaction. The more and more I look into this stuff, I become more lost. All the jobs in the world and almost everyone one of them is very much similar to the other. But except one job. Astronauts, sometimes  feel like it’s not a real job. I honestly think astronauts are like superheroes with big helmets, and puffy clothes. Sure it’s not the ideal cape, but their job is so interesting and risky, that I I always have this feeling that they’re not real. One thing I like to do. Is to find letters and photos of astronauts. Which are very interesting by the way. Their missions, their days in space, their thoughts, everything is summed up in those letters. I strongly recommend reading about this letters. Because for me their job takes the more courage, the more will, and at the end you end up going to a trip to outer space. If that’s not a passion then what is?

P.S. I really recommend reading Letters from astronauts about their missions and life from outer space. It gives a great view from where they are standing.

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